Projects vs Operations

Most companies have projects and operations. But the principles are sometimes vague. Projects are what developers love to build. Operations are the tedious tasks nobody wants to do. Operations are necessary to allow projects to continue.


Projects are unique endeavors within your company. This type of work is temporary. When the work is temporary, you have a start date and end date.

A project has a specific objective. Are you trying to build a report for all houses in a certain zip code? That’s a project. It has a specific objective.

Projects should always have a defined budget.


Operations are the exact opposite. They are the ongoing, sometimes tedious, work within an organization. This type of work allows a company to grow.

You sometimes forget to do operations until it’s too late. Need to update those WordPress plugins? Is there a new Drupal update? Your developers built a new API, is there documentation?

Operations help produce goods or services in the line of business. They are indefinite and you have to do them.

This type of work usually doesn’t have a budget. It should be factored into organizations.

You must invest in operations for your business to grow and obtain more projects.

Published on: January 10, 2024