Did You Launch First?

Google is backed into a corner right now with artificial intelligence. The tech chamber of the internet already assumed this was true. Google is a “build in public” type of company. This means exactly how it sounds, they update the public on their progress in building a product. Before the past 3 months, there wasn’t … Read more

Steal Like an Artist – By Austin Kleon

One of my favorite books on creativity ever. This book is a guide for using the influences in your life and molding them into your own thoughts. Most, if not all, ideas are copied from someone else. Somewhere between the input and output, an artist applies their perspective to the idea. Then out comes your own idea. Stealing is different from plagiarizing. Austin shows you ideas how to get this done.

Cherishing the Last Time

When I was in college, I got the call my Uncle passed away from a heart condition. Our world shattered. He was a healthy human being, living life to his fullest while retired and living in South Carolina. How can things happen like this? Why so supervene? 2021, I got a text message from my … Read more

The History of the Internet Often Rhymes

Around 60 years ago, the US and USSR were in the middle of the Cuban missile crisis. The big concern for the US Administration was: A missile could target the “center” of the network and it would be destroy everything. The US was worried about how they would communicate in a post-nuclear attack. Paul Baran … Read more